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Welcome to the PLANTNOGRAM CLUB The ESaaS  Event Platform

The PLANTNOGRAM is a collection of ESaaS unique digital assets (digital certificates containing intelligent turtle NFTs) living on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

PLANTNOGRAM offers partnership opportunities for members on a collaborative event platform - ESaaS (Event  Sponsorship as a Service).

The partnership enables PLANTNOGRAM members to use their asset purchases as a sponsorship vehicle to fund platform event infrastructure for efficient service delivery. 

Asset ownership automatically gives you access to the Club and grants access to members-only benefits including a guaranteed royalty rate.

Future benefits can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

When Investment and Charity meet Defi and NFT

Each ESaaS certificate is unique with many embedded programmatic features.
The purchase of the assets doubles as a   sponsorship certificate for sponsoring real-life events in K-21 institutions in the physical and the metaverse. The purchase is preserved through partner licensing rights of the PLEySMART software platform.


The owners benefit from the Power of Scute program which guarantees buyers' investments. Each asset purchased is associated with a PLEySMART software license with a guaranteed royalty fee.

The ESaaS certificate is among the rare NFT type that offers real-world use cases in addition to inherent assets management. 

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When you buy a sponsorship certificate, you are buying an avatar, a provably-rare piece of art, and also investing in a platform solution. You are gaining membership access to a club with incremental benefits and offerings. 

The PLANTNOGRAM platform facilitates events that generate thousands of event subscribers (attendees). The annual revenue generation potential is limitless. The event sponsorship helps to bring down the cost of the platform equipment and reduces the cost to end-users as well.

The initial genesis KNIGHT platform on OpenSea.

Additional 22000 certificates on Solana blockchain

Fair Launch, fair distribution: All DefiNFT in a platform cost the same

There are no bonding curves here as we hold the belief with many that bonding curves are a Ponzi scheme. There are no price tiers; All membership costs are the same for everyone on the platform and are equally shared by the number of owners of the platform. The BEINZ Knight and BEINZ are on Ethenerum.


The Power of Scute benefits for the Club members

While the EINZ tokens contain dope assets, there are additional utilities that make them doper.

The PLANTNOGRAM membership qualifies owners as platform license holders on the partner software platform. Every time an event associated with the certificates holds, the sponsored owners are paid royalty income. Since this is a software platform that generates revenue, the owners are entitled to royalty fees and tax relief** The tax relief may be limited to only business entities*.

There will be 22000 limited NFT collections where the token itself doubles as the membership to the PLANTNOGRAM. The owners will have the honor of being the very first sponsors of ESaaS events that offer lots of benefits to the owners and the attendees too. 





Additional platform members will be welcomed to the PLANTNOGRAM through our platforms on Solana blockchain.

**Please check with your tax professional for expert opinion to ensure compliance with regulations

Shapes and Shades


  • The number one Event Sponsorship as a Service (ESaaS) community and partner making event prices affordable and accessible through a robust platform

  • Aim to be the largest, affordable and accessible NFT community

  • Grow into a fully decentralized Dapp and EventFi platform

  • Power up to a million worldwide events annually 

  • Empowering the disadvantaged or under-privileged through a level playing ground

  • Create, grow and share together


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