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We are in this for the long haul.

These are some adopted goalposts for our milestone. Once the threshold of percent sales is reached, work will commence on realizing the stated goal.


Pre-mint & Staging Phase

  • Official website launch

  • Marketing and awareness

  • Collaboration with influencers for amplification


Mint Phase

22,000 max supply of BEINZ platforms on OpenSea
22,000 max supply of DEINZ, PlEINZ and LEINZ on Solana marketplace



Stay close to explore the wild ride by joining the Discord channels and the official Twitter accounts for updates on the PLANTNOGRAM  news, giveaways, and many more


The PFP release: DefiNFT Activation

Each certificate has many turtles but we refer to them as EINZ turtles named differently on each platform. The Beinz  platform has "The BEINZ." The DEINZ  platform has "The DEINZ". The LEINZ  platform has "The LEINZ." The PLEINZ  platform has "The Pleinz." Each certificate comes with seven EINZ turtles and the owners can activate them according to the set milestones.


Physical World

It is no fun without the connection with the real-world training events powered by PLEySMART educational platform. We are starting with K-21  STEAM education and will gradually expand to cover other event areas. Your sponsorship certificate facilitates training for thousands of students and you get reports on these events. You will be rewarded for each participant on your sponsored certificate.


Collaborations - PLANTNOGRAM  DAO

Actions toward building a unique community by collaborating with other projects. PLANTNOGRAM is the name of the community where all exploits will materialize. App and Platform development and hiring of more developer and designers to help in the development. 


To the Metaverse

The Gallery
The  PLANTOGRAM Metaverse



Imagine what you can do with other EINZs where the world is your oyster. You will be limited by your imagination and we will give you the platform to thrive. Our platform will focus on education, sports, health, and entertainment. 


More Utility - Token

The nft owners become the PLANTNOGRAM club members with access to members-only benefits the first of which is owners of PLEYSMART license with a steady stream of income and significant tax reduction* 


Drop Discount & Rebates for NFT Holders

The launching of community token $EINZ. Rewards for holders through the member-only exclusive benefit that includes exciting plans and perks. Owners will get to enjoy exclusive discounts and rebates. We advise you to keep abreast of activities on the social media channel

Mint on
Magic Eden
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